Rob Moore’s Motorworld: From the Pitlane (05/09/11)

Welcome to another edition of Rob Moores Motorworld: From the Pitlane. Apologies for the delay in upload- this was due to technical difficulties.


Rob Moore’s Motorworld: Shaun Hollamby Interview

After the last round of BTCC at Croft, Aaron James spoke to AMD Milltek Team Boss (and driver for that event) Shaun Hollamby about a range of issues- including his time as director of FOM TV (F1 Digital).  Hear the full interview with Shaun HERE.

ORIGINAL BROADCAST: 7pm, 27 June 2011.

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Rob Moore’s Motorworld: From the Pitlane (05/08/11)

Welcome to another edition of Rob Moore’s Motorworld: From the Pitlane.

In this edition we discuss the Hungarian Grand Prix, discuss the BBC/Sky issue and talk Touring cars.

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Bahrain Grand Prix Review/Australia Preview

What an exciting race we had to start the season! AND who would have thought that Vitaly Petrov would have got Pole Position!!!..

Sadly, this isn’t the start of the Formula One season- temporarily postponed while the Middle East get their freedom (and rightly so, so put those daggers away :-)). So let’s just put it this way- The Hispanias started with three wheels as the fourth was held at Bahrain customs, Heikki Kovalianen wins from Kamui Kobayashi and Michael Schumacher while Fernando Alonso doesn’t start after suffering an horrific injury while playing with lighters- yes a singed eyebrow.

Looking forward to the new season- ITS AUSTRALIA IN TWO WEEKS TIME! Which of course means early bedtimes, usage of alarm clocks and sales of Red Bull going through the roof.

I personally cannot wait. So what’s in store for the F1 legion?

Red Bull Racing look very strong, as do Ferrari and a four way dingdong into the first corner looks almost inevitable if pre season testing is anything to go by.

McLaren- the less said about their pre-season. They completed less mileage than everyone except Hispania, and it is widely regarded that their new car is a mutt. They’ve clearly got a lot of work to do.  Similar can be said for Mercedes GP who still don’t seem to have recovered since the Brawn Euphoria in 2009. It would appear their design team still have hangovers because, by Ross Brawns’ own admission their car is a second off. They say they can regain it by Melbourne…….but I’m not so convinced.

The best of the rest accolade seems to be a very close scrap between Renault and Sauber. Both have looked quick in testing, though how much Renault will miss the injured Robert Kubica is yet to be seen. Out of all drivers out of a job there is no doubt Nick Heidfeld is the best option around. This season will tell if Petrov is any good or merely a pay driver.  Rubens Barrichello recently remarked that the “Sauber looks like a decent car” and their times throughout testing suggest likewise- Perez topping the last test.

A few weeks ago I almost wrote off Toro Rosso because I did not believe they’d be given swathes of funding by their parent team who I thought would put all the money into their sister team. But with whatever resources- the team at Faenza don’t seem to have done a bad job at all- they’ve looked fairly quick in testing.

Williams haven’t looked too bad either- and I’ve got hopes for the pairing of Barrichello and Maldonado. All in all- it could look like a competitive midfield scrap.

Sadly, I don’t think Force India will be joining them in that- it would appear that a winter spent sacking Liuzzi and taking legal action against Lotus (or being in court themselves) has been a distraction.

Talking of which- there are expectations to be filled for Lotus. After a season of being best of the newcomers, progress up the grid is their aim. There’s no issues in the driver department- once again Italian Veteran Jarno Trulli is partnered with Finland’s Heikki Kovalianen.

Straggling the back of the grid again is Virgin. Given that there has been masses of progress by other teams, Virgin would have to practically pull miracles to catch up from last year. That said if anyone can drag them up the grid, Timo Glock can.

And so… Hispania. They’ve got a decent lineup in Karthikeyan and Liuzzi. But their car has only just finished, with parts still at customs. Still…an improvement on last year.


And something amusing to end.... (c) Unlap 2011