Rob Moore’s Motorworld: From the Pitlane (05/09/11)

Welcome to another edition of Rob Moores Motorworld: From the Pitlane. Apologies for the delay in upload- this was due to technical difficulties.


Rob Moore’s Motorworld: Shaun Hollamby Interview

After the last round of BTCC at Croft, Aaron James spoke to AMD Milltek Team Boss (and driver for that event) Shaun Hollamby about a range of issues- including his time as director of FOM TV (F1 Digital).  Hear the full interview with Shaun HERE.

ORIGINAL BROADCAST: 7pm, 27 June 2011.

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Rob Moore’s Motorworld: From the Pitlane (05/08/11)

Welcome to another edition of Rob Moore’s Motorworld: From the Pitlane.

In this edition we discuss the Hungarian Grand Prix, discuss the BBC/Sky issue and talk Touring cars.

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F1 Roundup


A story has appeared on Jenson Button’s website claiming that he was involved in a car accident. However, users on social networking site Twitter spotted several flaws in these statements.

1) The first paragraph claimed that he was in a critical condition, when the second half contradicted itself stating McLaren were contacting the FIA to see if he could race. Surely if he was critical, the question would be a no brainer.

2) No announcement on McLaren website, or any legitimate news source. You would think this would be of paramount importance if such an incident existed.

3) The picture “supplied” is in fact one found on a google search if you type in “Mercedes SLS crash”. The origin of the picture is a Top Gear article, written in 2010. Also, the picture was taken in Russia.


It has been widely speculated for a while that due to a freezing in the licence fee, that BBC would be looking to axing its Formula One coverage. However in an unprecedented move, News Corp owned sattelite broadcaster Sky have taken the majority of the rights starting in 2012. Outrage has been widely reported from analysts and supporters, many of which cite the reason of affordability of Sky Sports as a hurdle. BBC retain the rights to ten live races and “extensive highlights” of qualifying and races they do not cover. However, McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh has since claimed that Bernie Ecclestone told him the BBC’s extensive highlights would in fact be deferred full race replays.


Speculation has already started into the identities of Sky’s potential presentation team for 2012. Familiar Sky Sports News presenters such as Georgie Thompson and ex- Blue Peter presenter Simon Thomas have been speculated, and the name of Tamara Ecclestone has also done the rounds. One thing I feel worth noting is if anyone from BBC would move, I would highly predict it would be Martin Brundle- though his tweets on Twitter suggest he is at present unsure to what his plans are for 2012.

I can’t see Jake Humphrey moving- he will more than likely be redeployed as a main presenter for BBC’s Olympic coverage. Also don’t rule out BBC and Sky sharing presentation teams to save the BBC money.


Yet another Fake F1 takeover has taken place. It was once again a great success. Many thanks to all the Fake’s that took part.