NCB Radio “Road to the FA Cup”

Bodmin Town continue in the FA Cup:  
Barnstaple Town 1.2 Bodmin Town

Apologies for the delay in bringing you up to date withour NCB Radio “Road to the FA Cup”, where we are following the winners in each round, all the way through to Wembley, Following the last round, the Preliminary Round, which was played on 3rd September, we remain with Bodmin Town, after they won 2.1 at Barnstaple Town (of the Western League Premier Division. You can see about the match at  In the next round, the 1st Qualifying Round, this Saturday, 17th September, they are once again away, this time to Tavistock (South West Peninsula League Premier Division).

You can see Bodmin Town’s website, at

The NCB Radio Road to Wembley so far:

21st Aug 2011: Ext Prel Rd: BODMIN TOWN 6.3 Falmouth Town
3rd Sept 2011: Prel Rd: Barnstaple Town 1.2 BODMIN TOWN
17th Sept 2011: 1st Qual Rd: Tavistock -v- BODMIN TOWN


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