NCB Road to the FA Cup

Welcome to my NCB Radio “Road to the FA Cup”.   This is an idea I have taken from my own website, & what I am doing is starting with a selected team from the very first round, the Extra Preliminary Round, and will be following the winners, round by round, until we get to the Final in May. (You will be able to see about each team, on their website, which I will be including).

The Extra Preliminary Round is where the first of the 763 teams in the competition start.  It’s a full 6 rounds before the League clubs join in the First Round Proper, 8 Rounds before the Championship and Premiership teams enter the competition, and a full 13 rounds before the FA Cup Final at Wembley on 8th May next year.

Bodmin Town FC

Of course, we have to start with local team Bodmin Town FC, who in the Extra Preliminary Round are at home to Falmouth Town. Willand Rovers or Barnstaple Town in the Preliminary Round

There website can be seen at: 

Results/Fixtures so far:

20.08.2011: Ext Prel Rd – BODMIN TOWN -v- Falmouth Town

03.09.2011: Prel Rd  – Willand Rovers or Barnstaple Town -v- Above winners

17.09.11 1st Qual Rd – St Blazey or Saltash United or Dawlish Town or Tavistock -v- Above winners


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